We picked our three Team Pilots!March 27, 2015

We would like to thank everyone who submitted for the team pilot positions. It was very humbling to see so much interest in our product and our company. We had quite a few applicants! I can tell you it was very difficult to weed the group down to just three pilots considering the absolute wealth of piloting skill and great people in general who expressed their interest. We sifted through tons of videos and personal descriptions and found ourselves wishing we could open many more slots. In the future we do have plans to max out our team at a 10 member group. We are a young company and we have a great deal of growing to do. But, despite our short duration in this market we have years of experience in engineering, design, and unending passion for this hobby and sport. We will continue to grow and from time to time open up more pilot positions. So please keep an eye on us as the weeks and months go by and I can assure you we will approach some who submitted and were not picked.

Below are the three FPV speed addicts who are now Team Catalyst Machineworks Pilots. We look forward to working with you. Very exciting times ahead!