We are searching for 2 Team Pilots! (Get free stuff for having fun)August 03, 2015

What do you get? You get a free Speed Addict (Fearless Edition) frame shipped to you! 

See the Speed Addict (Fearless Edition) here

In addition you get as many spare parts as you need. Also, any new accessories that we release for the Speed Addict we will send you a free set. You will always be the first to get new gear for your racer. Often times before we even release to the market.

What do we want in return? We require you to build into the frame your own electronics. We also require that you use our frame to go race and fly with! We want the footage. You send us your great footage. This is open to people located anywhere in the world, NOT just the USA. We also require that you are currently NOT a team pilot for anyone else.

We want one pilot to use the 265mm quadcopter configuration and the second pilot to fly our 330mm hexacopter configuration. To apply for the positions email us at and let us know a little bit about yourself. Also, send us links to some of your best FPV racing footage or solo flight footage. Your footage is the biggest factor for us to choose a team pilot. Good luck!