Meet our Team Pilots!August 26, 2015

Here are our team pilots! We would like to thank everyone who submitted for the team pilot positions. We had quite a few applicants! I can tell you it was very difficult to weed the group down considering the absolute wealth of piloting skill and great people in general who expressed their interest.

Zach Moore:
Zach was chosen during our first round of applications back in the spring. He continues on as a Team Pilot for us. Zach is an avid flyer and owner of the popular online shop based out of Arizona. Zach, like us, is living the dream selling multirotor gear. Is this work? I think not. Not when you love the sport as much as he does. Zach has been shredding it up with our original Speed Addict V1 and now he is chomping at the bit to give the new Fearless Edition a proper beating.

Zach's Youtube channel can be found here:

Dustin Hawkinson:
Dustin also hails from the beautiful sun drenched state of Arizona. He is a skilled pilot and has improved his skills greatly in a very short period of time when we first discovered him back in the Spring. Dustin now flies every weekend. We look forward to seeing what Dustin can do with our new frame!

Dustin's Youtube channel can be found here:

Armin Armini:
Armin is a neighbor of us! He lives about 4 hours north of our headquarters in a town called Frisco Texas. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, went to the University of Texas at Austin and studied Astronomy. He got interested in quads after seeing fpv videos, like just about everyone else! He started flying FPV back in March/April. His addiction to the hobby/sport is only growing, and his wallet is only shrinking. We are very excited to have Armin on the team and can't wait to see his upcoming Speed Addict videos.

Armins Youtube Channel can be found here:…/UC8owl94nfLfrsJa35URSW6w/videos

Marc lives in Canada but we don't hold that against him! He has a passion for FPV racing and multirotors that rivals anyone we have ever seen. Marc has written articles for RC-Pilot magazine previously. Marc not only tinkers with RC aircraft but also works every day with full scale craft. Marc is a pilot instructor for the military (Royal Canadian Air Force). He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and we are excited to have him on board. Due to some recent opportunities at his job he will be helping us initially with design and product development. Once his schedule clears out some we will see Speed Addict flight videos from Marc!

Marc's Youtube Channel can be found here: