Accessories and SWAG and Upgrades

$ 3.50

Mini FPV Camera Swivel Mount

This mount is designed to fit our Mini CMOS FPV Cameras, both 1.8mm and 2.8mm lens versions. Adjust the angle of your camera by turning one screw! Made of durable injection molded black plastic.    Note: If you want to use a mini camera on our SuperLight 4R you need this mount. 
$ 5.00

Micro FC Adapter / anti-vibration Mount

This nifty adapter allows you to mount a micro flight controller on top of a "standard sized" 30.5mm x 30.5mm PDB or electronics stack. Many frames do not have 20mm x 20mm holes to fit a micro FC and this adapter solves that problem. BUT WAIT! There is more! Made of flexible TPU material this mou...
$ 7.25

TPU Camera Hood - SuperLight 4R

This camera hood attaches to the top plate of the 4R and adds extra protection for your "HS1177 sized" camera. Made of flexible yet durable TPU material.  Includes: QTY 1: TPU Hood QTY 2:  Aluminum Washer  QTY 2:  3mm ID X 4.5mm OD X 2mm Long Aluminum Spacer  QTY 1: #1 Phillips head screw x 1/4" ...
$ 7.00

Catalyst Machineworks Hat - Black

Snap back all black hat with White 'Catalyst Machineworks' logo and lettering.  Shipping: The smallest USPS box we can fit this hat in is a medium flat rate size. Anything smaller will crush the hat. USPS pricing for this size box is $12.40. We have no control over this. Including the hat in your...
$ 8.75

Run Cam Owl Upgrade (SuperLight 3")

This set of parts makes mounting the amazing Runcam Owl FPV camera possible on our Speed Addict SuperLight 3" frame. It allows the camera to be adjusted anywhere from 20 to 50 degrees.  What is included?  1 x Upper Lense Hood (Black 'special sauce' 3D printed material)  1 x Camera Barrel Clamp (B...
$ 7.00

Optional Color 3D Plastic Part Set (SuperLight 3")

  This is a set of 3D printed TPU parts for our SuperLight 3" frame. The frame kit comes with black parts as standard. With this accessory you can add various colors to really put some pizzazz into your build.  What is included?  1 x Camera Mount 1 x VTX SMA Mount  1 x RC Antenna Mount    Plea...
$ 6.50

U.FL to SMA Female Right Angle Pigtail

This product allows you to convert the straight SMA on your TBS Unify Vtx over to right angle SMA. This is very useful in some builds where the straight SMA is either difficult to fit into the frame or doesn't fit at all. Pigtail length is 3" (7.6cm).  This product is necessary to allow you to us...
$ 17.95

Adjustable GoPro Session Mount

  What the heck is this?  This nifty piece of awesomeness will allow you to adjust the camera angle on your GoPro Session using the SAME MOUNT! By using different length 'front legs' you can apply different camera angles. Camera angle adjustment is 'quick change' taking less than 60 seconds to a...
$ 15.95

The Cool Mount - (Universal GoPro Session Mount)

The 'Cool Mount' is designed to attach the GoPro Session 4 or 5 to a wide range of FPV racing craft. Not only will it fit our Speed Addict SuperLight, but you can strap this puppy down to other manufacturer frames as well. Made of flexible and durable TPU this mount will handle crashes like a cha...
$ 8.50

RX Antenna Mount Upgrade - (SuperLight 5")

This is an upgrade to our 'old style' RX antenna mount. This new mount places the antenna at the top of the frame and also includes a landing to mount LED's. All new frames shipping after 11-10-16 will include this mount as standard.  What is included?  1 X Antenna Mount in Red TPU 2 X Aluminum S...
$ 12.50

Upgraded 2.5MM Upper Fuselage Plate (SuperLight 5 inch)

This upper fuselage plate is upgraded from the standard kit's 1.5mm thickness to a healthy 2.5mm. This thicker plate is desirable when running an HD camera on top of the frame. During crashes this thicker plate will give better resilience to plate fracture. Fits only the Speed Addict SuperLight 5...
$ 3.00

Drone Key Chain (Catalyst Machineworks)

When its time to place your keys on the table you can rest assured YOU will have the coolest set of keys. This is a tiny version of our Speed Addict SuperLight precision cut from real 3K twill weave carbon fiber. It comes with key rings and a chain. This makes a perfect birthday or Christmas gift...