Cables, Plugs, Wire, Misc

$ 1.00

Female JST Battery Pigtail 10cm Length

Female connector with 26-gauge, 10 cm silicone wire. 
$ 4.00

Lipo Low Voltage Alarm (Battery Checker)

Lipo checker with a really loud alarm.  Plugs into your balance lead and the display cycles through total pack voltage and indvidual cell levels.  The alarm is configurable for minimum voltage ranging from 2.7v to 3.8v in 0.1v increments.  It can also be turned off.  Commonly used in flight or on...
$ 1.00

Male JST Battery Pigtail 12cm Length

Male connector with 26-gauge, 12 cm silicone wire. 
$ 1.00

Male-Male Servo Lead / Wires (10 cm)

This is perfect for FPV racing builds. Use this lead to connect to various headers on your electronics build. Examples:  From the Flight Controller over to the RC receiver From the FPV Video transmitter over to the PDB From the PDB over to an accessory, such as LEDs From the PDB over to the Flig...
$ 0.80

Silicone Wire (12, 14, 16, 18 or 24 AWG)

Ultra flexible high grade silicone wire perfect for the lipo pigtail connection running into your PDB, LED installs, ESC to motor connections, etc.  This product is sold BY THE FOOT. Price is for one foot of wire.    Features: • Super flexible• High strand count• Pure silicone outer   Specs: Leng...
$ 0.99

XT60 (Black - Female)

The popular XT60 plug in black! Female - this plug goes on your lipo!
$ 0.99

XT60 (Black - male)

The popular XT60 plug in black! Male - this plug goes on your quad or charger. 
$ 0.99

XT60 (Yellow - male)

The popular XT60 plug in yellow! Male - this plug goes on your quad or charger.