Electronic Speed Controllers

$ 12.99

X-Racer Quadrant 25A 4~6S BLHeli_S (SINGLE ESC)

The new X-Racer Quadrant ESC is powered by high performance EFM8BB21 MCU, and flashed with BLHeli_S program. It supports multishot/one shot42/oneshot125. With 25AMp constant RMS (30A max) and supports 4-6s (Works well on 3S also).The four tiny X-Racer Quadrant ESCs can be installed separately on...
$ 9.99


The newest in the line of affordable ESC's from DYS is the XSD 20A speed controller. This new hardware layout allows for DShot 600 which is the latest and smoothest of the firmware protocols in the market. Brand: DYS Item name: XSD 20A 3-4S ESC BLHeli_S Input voltage: 3-4S Lipo BEC: NO Size(mm)L*...
$ 16.95

TBS Bulletproof 25AMP ESC (BLHELI_S)

Team Black Sheep is up to their old tricks again! What is "their old tricks"? Designing cutting edge FPV racing electronics of course. How did they make sure that the next offspring in the TBS BULLETPROOF line was the ultimate, next generation ESC? They designed PCB's while arm-wrestling with the...
$ 18.00

Littlebee 30A BLHELI_S

One of the best on the market just got better. This popular ESC has been updated to run on the new BLHELI_S firmware. What is 'BLHELI_S' and why do you need it?  BLHELI_S explained.    Description: Item name: FVT LittleBee 30A-S ESC Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo BEC Output: No Continue Current: 30A, B...
$ 13.75


What is 'BLHELI_S' and why do you need it?  BLHELI_S explained.    Specifications Item Name: XS20A solder version Input voltage: 3-4s Lipo BEC: NO Size(mm)L*W*H: 24*14*4.5mm Type: BLHeli Bootloader & BLHeli_S Firmware Weight: 4.49g Feature: Silabs EFM8BB2 Includes protective case/cover ​​Fe...
$ 16.50


What is 'BLHELI_S' and why do you need it?  BLHELI_S explained.    Specifications Item Name: XS30A Solder Version Input voltage: 3-6s Lipo BEC: NO Type:BLHeli Bootloader & BLheli_S Firmware Weight: 8.65g Size: 45*16.5*5.8mm Feature: Silabs EFM8BB2 Includes protective case/cover ​​Features ...
$ 11.99 - $ 16.00

Littlebee 20A ESC (PRO)

If you are looking for the best performance and reliability of any ESC on the market, look no further. These are tiny in size and have amazing motor braking capability. Do a quick search on RCgroups forums and you will find out these REALLY ARE the new king of ESC's. Don't forget to buy a program...
$ 20.95 - $ 26.95

KISS ESC 24AMP 2-5s (Race Edition from Flyduino)

Update 11/7/16: KISS ESC's accept the new Dshot communications protocol!    Dshot RCgroups Thread   From Flyduino: KISS ESC 24A RE In the sense  of our KISS ESC line this ESC offers a great compatibility to a wide range of motors, the work of years went in to making the best possible here. The f...
$ 7.00

Universal ESC Programmer

Program your Zues "Littlebee ESC" or DYS XM20A using this. But, it doesn't stop there. This is a universal programmer. Meaning it can propgram both Silabs and Atmel based ESC's. No need for separate linkers. This is an all-in-one tool.    Steps to Program your ESC:  Make sure you download and ...