Flight Controllers

$ 48.95

KOMBINI Flight Controller (FC / PDB in ONE!)

Designed nothing short of revolutionary, the Furious KOMBINI Flight Controller steps up the competition with feature packed insanity that is ready to alter your FPV world. Unlike any other system available today, the Furious KOMBINI provides an all in one solution that brings forth the ultimate i...
$ 25.00

Mantis F3 Flight Controller

We are an approved dealer for the popular and fantastically priced Mantis F3 flight controller. This is a high performance FC without the 'high' price. This board is perfect  for the beginner and pro alike!   Features: STM32 F3 processor with hardware floating point unit. MPU6050 Accelerometer/...
$ 39.99

Seriously Dodo Flight Controller (Rev 3A)

This is the one and only Seriously Dodo flight controller. The Dodo is one of the best performing and most feature packed FC's on the market today. This is the "go-to" FC for many top pilots around the world. Why the funny name? Because, when you are this awesome you can have a funny name.      ...