FPV Racing Machines

$ 529.00 - $ 575.00

Speed Addict SuperLight (RTF)

  SuperLight RTF/BNF User Manual  SuperLight RTF/BNF Radio Function Tutorial  SuperLight Frame Review        Are you looking for the best ready to fly FPV racing system on the market at a price you can afford? You found it. The Speed Addict SuperLight was forged out of beautiful carbon ...
$ 85.00

Speed Addict SuperLight (5 inch)

Update 11-2-16: Our Team Pilot Rotorious piloted his Speed Addict SuperLight to an incredible time of 8:45 on the MultiGP UTT3 "Bessel Run" track! Click to see leader board results.   Documents and Downloads:  Assembly Manual Assembly Manual Addendum - (Updated Antenna Mount)   The Sp...
$ 135.00

Speed Addict 250-R FPV Racing Frame (6 inch)

  NEWS AND SPECIALS:  Catalyst Team Suggested Spec: (CLICK HERE) Visit our Dealer Sites! (CLICK HERE) Join the Speed Addict Owners facebook group! (CLICK HERE) CMW Company Video intro Overlay (.wmw CLICK HERE) (.mov CLICK HERE) Power Distribution Board (CLICK HERE) Flexible TPU GoPro Mount now a...
$ 699.00 - $ 899.95

Speed Addict 210-R RTF/BNF (Ready to Fly)

News and Specials:  Join the Speed Addict Owners facebook group! (CLICK HERE)  Download the RTF/BNF user manual (CLICK HERE)       This is the best performing highest quality ready to fly FPV racing system on planet earth. This may sound like fluffy marketing BS, but its not! Don't go ...
$ 135.00

Stigg 195 FPV Racing Quad (5 inch)

Tutorials:  Stigg 195 Electronics Install Tutorial: (CLICK HERE) Documents and Downloads:  Catalyst Team Suggested Spec: (CLICK HERE) Stigg 195 Suggested Electronics: (CLICK HERE) Stigg 195 Bill of Material (REV 3): (CLICK HERE) Stigg 195 Assembly Manual (REV 3): (CLICK HERE)    Documents and D...
$ 99.00

Speed Addict 180-R FPV Racing Frame (4 inch)

The 180-R holds the current MultiGP UTT3 "Bessel Run" fastest time. Link to MultiGP leaderboard.      NEWS AND SPECIALS: -Please be aware that our 180-R is the same craft as the 210-R, but with shorter arms and a slightly  shorter fuselage (front to rear). All spare parts but for two (main fra...
$ 110.00

Speed Addict 210-R FPV Racing Frame (5 inch)

UPDATE 11-24: Due to the Black Friday rush we ran out of stock for this frame. However we are machining more now and they will be back in stock 1.5 to 2 weeks from now. Buy now to get your 15% off discount!     NEWS AND SPECIALS:  Catalyst Team Suggested Spec: (CLICK HERE) Visit our Dealer Sites...