Multirotor, Heli, and Drone Parts

$ 30.00

25mm Diameter Carbon Fiber Tube - 500mm Long [19.68"]

If you are building a gimbal or a multirotor you already know what these are. These are high quality twill weave matte finish carbon fiber tubes. These can be used for multirotor "drone" arms or to build a heavy duty brushless gimbal. They are 25mm OD and 23mm ID. Wall thickness is 1mm. These tub...
$ 14.50

25mm Tube Clamps for Multirotor / Gimbals (4 Pair)

If you are building a gimbal or a multirotor you already know what these are. These are used to clamp down and affix structures to 25mm OD carbon fiber tube. The design of this clamp is different than some out there in that they will not distort the plate you clamp to. This can happen on some les...
$ 99.95

C25 Quick Release System for Multirotor Arms ----- (Fits Cinestar or Similar Craft)

THIS DESIGN IS PATENT PENDING One of the most important features of a Multirotor Aerial Platform is transportability. Anyone who has shipped a heavy lift UAS understands the value of a drastic reduction in package dimensions. That's what she said. To this end, we created the C25 Quick Release Sy...
$ 299.00 - $ 400.00

Phobotic Centerpiece Gimbal Controller

Centerpiece Brushless Gimbal Controller. Brand new in box normally sells for $400.    This is the regular Centerpiece, supporting input voltage up to 23v (5S) and supplied with a single Spectar IMU.   Specifications ▪ Completely auto tuning ▪ Dual/Triple processor architecture ▪ Robust CANBUS co...
$ 99.00 - $ 299.95

WASP 12 PRO Brushless Gimbal Motor Cage System (VERSION 2)

There is a revolution going on right now in camera stabilization systems; brushless gimbal technology is taking over. With the right system, amazing performance and stellar cinematography is possible. Unfortunately, full systems capable of delivering quality footage cost exorbitant amounts of mon...