Team Pilot Chris Doughman


We met Chris at our recent Top Speed Challenge event. He drove 6.5 hours just to be a part. Immediately we realized how good he is at flying on the first battery he plugged up. He ripped up our track with impressive skill. Not only was he a wiz on our 'traditional course', but his top speed mule is a hell of a build. He showed up with a 230mm Warp Quad heavily modded just for FPV top speed runs. Chris won our event and put down a blazing fast speed of 94.3 MPH on 5s power. Balls...out. After running his machine we decided to hand him the controls of our Stigg 195 to see what he can do with a REAL machine. Wouldn't you know it Chris had a 103.9 mph pass. At this point our mind was made up and we knew he belonged in the Catalyst family. We are super exited to have Chris on board and cannot wait to see what he can do in the future. He had so much fun at our event he is now hooked and cannot wait to build up a Stigg for his own top speed record breaking plans. Stay tuned to his page for specs and videos of his upcoming build(s). 



Chris Doughman's Youtube Channel


Stigg 195 Top Speed Dragster Build:

To be continued...