Team Pilot John Shrout (aka LAWLESS)

John Shrout lives only a few short miles from Catalyst Machineworks. He is as passionate about this sport (or maybe even more so?!) than us! We are absolutely thrilled to have him on board. It is nice to have a local guy we can fly with and hand deliver our newest products for testing. John is so obsessed with this sport that he runs a 400+ member closed facebook group of fellow addicts called “Space City Multirotors”. This is a wonderful group of drone enthusiasts that chat online, share pics, build info, etc. But, most importantly they all get together and RACE! We look forward to sponsoring some of these local races. John also holds lessons for new members into the group. He calls it "Drone Boot Camp". In this boot camp he teaches a new pilot everything they need to know about building their craft, maintaining it, and most importantly...flying it! We are just blown away by how awesome this is. Seriously. Who does this? Incredible guy. Below are John’s own words to introduce himself:

John Shrout:

"Don’t let the name fool you!  I’m not out here trying to bend any MAN-MADE laws…I’M DEFYING PHYSICS (Well, that’s my goal!) I got started in RC flight with my collective pitch helicopters about 3 years ago.  I finally got introduced to drone racing/piloting about a year ago and have not looked back.  There is something about this that just interests you, pulls you in, and when you finally give in…..YOU’RE AN ADDICT! I just took it 1 step further and became a “SPEED ADDICT”…..! I spend as much of my time as I can trying to improve my flying style, build techniques, and technical knowledge base.  I have an appetite for this sport and everything about. There is always something new to learn!  If I’m not flying, I’m usually spending my free time with my beautiful girlfriend Talisha.  I must say, without her, I wouldn’t be enjoying this hobby we all love!  She allows me play with my toys all the time and never fusses!!!  I’m SOOOOO LUCKY!!!



Space City Multirotor Facebook Group

John's Youtube Channel


Speed Addict 210-R Build Full Spec: 

Frame: Catalyst Machineworks - Speed Addict 210-R
Motors: Catalyst Machineworks - Xnova Motors 2204/2300kv
Props: 5045 BN Basher Props
ESC: Catalyst Machineworks - Zeus "Littlebee" ESC's 
FC: CC3D running Librepilot
Battery: 4S, 1600mah 
HD Cam: Gopro 3