25mm Tube Clamps for Multirotor / Gimbals (4 Pair)

$ 14.50 USD

If you are building a gimbal or a multirotor you already know what these are. These are used to clamp down and affix structures to 25mm OD carbon fiber tube. The design of this clamp is different than some out there in that they will not distort the plate you clamp to. This can happen on some lesser designs when you tighten the clamp around the carbon fiber tube. As you torque the fasteners the clamp bends around the tube and also bends whatever plate is above or below the clamp. This is NOT a desirable situation. With our clamps this WILL NOT HAPPEN. They are designed such that there is a bit of distance from the top radius of the clamp to the underside of the plate. This design allows the clamp to bend around the carbon fiber tube while still keeping your multirotor or gimbals plate nice and straight! These clamps are made of high quality plastic and are black in color. The dimensions of the clamps are to the right to aid you on your DIY build. We suggest using either 4-40 sized screws or M3 screws for these clamps. 


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