4mm Thick Arm Upgrade (265mm Speed Addict Fearless Quad)

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If you purchase this upgrade we replace the 3mm thick arms in your kit with 4mm thick arms!

IMPORTANT: This upgrade can only be purchased along with a new frame purchase. 

IMPORTANT: This upgrade only applies to either our 265mm quad or FULL KIT. If you purchase the FULL KIT only the 265mm arms will be 4mm thick. The rest will be 3mm thick. 


Specs and Features:

4mm thick high quality 3K twill weave gloss carbon fiber. Use with 265mm Fearless Quad and 5" or 6" props. Works for front or rear arms. This arm has ZERO cutouts, internal features, or holes. This design provides the best resistance to crash damage. 



4mm thick arms x 4