Antenna Mount for Speed Addict (Fearless Edition) FPV Frame

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This antenna mount is specifically designed for our Speed Addict (Fearless Edition) FPV Racing frame, but can be used with other frames or DIY builds if you so desire. It is made of high quality 3D printed black ABS plastic. It mounts to the front of the frame. This mount places the antenna at a 90 degree angle to each other. This is the optimum angle to provide maximum range performance to your RC TX/RX system. 

Included in this kit: 

1 x 3D Printed Antenna Mount in Black

2 x 1/8" Diameter Antenna tube in Black, Neon Yellow, Or Blue

2 x M3 x 10mm Screws (Stainless Steel)

2 x Nylock Nuts (Stainless Steel)