Arm Brace Set (Speed Addict 210-R)

$ 12.75 USD

Do you like to smash into park benches at over 70 MPH? Do you prefer to come down sideways from 100 foot up and crash into concrete? Perhaps your favorite acro move is a quad arm clip into a soccer goal at 60 MPH. Maybe consider this arm brace upgrade! This arm brace set will add extra crash toughness to your Speed Addict 210-R. They are made of 4mm thick high quality twill weave 3K carbon fiber and are removable. We use this same design on our popular 250-R

What is included? 

1 X Front arm brace 
1 X Rear arm brace 
4 X M3 Socket head screw blue aluminum, 12mm long
8 X M3 Socket head screw blue aluminum, 10mm long


Please note: If you are using our bulkhead upgrade you will need these screws!