C25 Quick Release System for Multirotor Arms ----- (Fits Cinestar or Similar Craft)

$ 99.95 USD


One of the most important features of a Multirotor Aerial Platform is transportability. Anyone who has shipped a heavy lift UAS understands the value of a drastic reduction in package dimensions. That's what she said. To this end, we created the C25 Quick Release System for Multirotor Arms. While the name is quite a mouthful, it's function is fairly straight forward: A secure, easily detachable interface between the arms and the hub of your multirotor. Our system places the "break" point for the arm just past the center hub of the craft via our 'double retention lever clamp' design, thereby creating a much smaller overall craft footprint when the two are separated and retaining the structural integrity and rigidity of the arm when connected. Our system can be applied to ANY manufacturer's craft that utilizes 25mm OD carbon fiber tubes. We use only the highest quality materials in our products and it shows; take one look at our robust, 4mm high current gold plated plugs embedded in each side of the C25 as well as the high quality aluminum CNC work. You'll breathe that sigh of relief knowing that your connections are secure. Internal electrical layout will support single or double motor configurations including; I4, X4, I6, V6, IY6, Y6, I8, V8, X8, X12, X16. Our engineering team spent hundreds of hours in 3D CAD designing this system. After concept and design we follow with real world testing, revisions, more testing, beatings and revisions, all to make sure our products don't suck. Some assembly required. These ain't your grandpa's multirotor components. 



    C25 Features:

    • Ability to detach the arm from your multirotor quickly and easily for travel
    • Completely tool-less operation
    • Can be applied to ANY 25mm outside diameter carbon fiber tube arm multirotor 
    • Allows you to upgrade your existing craft or apply to a new build
    • Revolutionary quick release arm lever system holds arm together effectively, and keeps arm rigid allowing for high power motors and prop combos
    • Can be used with heavy lift systems 
    • Quick release mechanism includes a safety latch making arm separation impossible during flight
    • 4mm high current bullet connectors specially designed for this application allowing for continuous arm removal for the life of your craft
    • Internal electrical connections allow for single or double motor setups per arm
    • Structural components constructed of high quality black anodized CNC aluminum and stainless steel fasteners
    • Interior electrical plugs manufactured using high end "SLS" Selective Laser Sintering 3D printing. Made of high quality durable plastic
    • Hundreds of hours of 3D CAD design and real world testing
    • Assembly is easy
    • Tolerancing of mating parts is incredibly precise and machining quality is outstanding
    • Industry leading customer support 
    • Included in each C25 kit is 6 male and 6 female 4mm motor connectors. Wiring is not included. We do include a touch of awesome at no extra charge. 


    C25 Specifications:

    Weight: 70 grams 
    Quantity of motors supported per arm:
    Arm size requirements: 25mm OD x 23mm ID (Note: Thicker walled arms can be used with special provisions. Contact us for more info)
    Current rating per motor continuous: 80 amps
    Current rating per motor burst: 120 amps
    Max wire size accepted in bullet connectors: 12 AWG
    Craft Configurations Supported: IY6, Y6, I4, X4, X8, I6, X6, I8, V8, X12, X16


    C25 Load Ratings: 

    Each single C25 is rated to 7.5 LBS (3.40 KG) using a 550mm long armHigher loading can be achieved using shorter arms. For more info just email us!

     Tri Configuration (Three 550mm Arms) = 22.5 LBS (10.20 KG) AUW

    Quad Configuration (Four 550mm Arms) = 30 LBS (13.60 KG) AUW

    Hex Configuration (Six 550mm Arms) = 45 LBS (20.41 KG) AUW

    Octo Configuration (Eight 550mm Arms) = 60 LBS (27.21 KG) AUW


     C25 and C30 Assembly Manual


    Note: Catalyst Machineworks reserves the right to change product pricing at any time.