Runcam / Foxeer / Mobius Camera Mount (Speed Addict 180-R, 210-R, 250-R)

$ 16.95 USD


This mount is designed for the Runcam 2, Foxeer, or Mobius. The same mount fits all three cameras! This wonder of engineering attaches to our Speed Addict 180-R, 210-R, or 250-R. It is made of an amazing material called TPU. This stuff is durable but at the same time flexible. During a crash this allows the mount to flex and give instead of cracking or breaking like typical ABS plastic will. In addition it has the added benefit of vibration dampening properties to provide butter smooth HD camera footage. This mount orients your camera at 35 degrees. 

What is included:

1 X TPU Camera Mount 3D Printed

1 X Catalyst Machineworks Velcro Strap