$ 13.75 USD

What is 'BLHELI_S' and why do you need it? 

BLHELI_S explained. 



  • Item Name: XS20A solder version
  • Input voltage: 3-4s Lipo
  • BEC: NO
  • Size(mm)L*W*H: 24*14*4.5mm
  • Type: BLHeli Bootloader & BLHeli_S Firmware
  • Weight: 4.49g
  • Feature: Silabs EFM8BB2
  • Includes protective case/cover


  • BLHeli_S ESC with Hardware generated PWM synchronous to MCU yields ultra-quiet motor performance.
  •  Utilizes high-performance EFM8BB2 50MHz MCU
  •  Weight: 4.49g
  •  Size(mm)L*W*H: 24*14*4.5mm
  •  BLHeli_S does Damped Light only
  •  Firmware upgradable via signal wire (works with USB Linker for XM series)
  •  Supports Motors with super high KV (EFM8BusyBee 50MHz can handle up to 500k eRPM)
  •  Supports 1-2ms signal, Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multishot.
  •  High-current burst rating
  •  High-Resolution Throttle steps

Note: Uses A-H-70 BLHeli firmware