FPV Antenna Rear Bulkhead Upgrade (180-R, 210-R, 250-R)

$ 8.75 USD

This sub-assembly is an upgrade to our standard method to mount your FPV antenna SMA. This slick set of hardware allows you to position the FPV antenna straight out the back of your craft. The advantage to this is vastly improved crash resilience to the antenna and associated assembly. The bulkhead itself is made of flexible yet durable TPU. During crashes the assembly will simply bend instead of placing heavy stresses on the antenna and SMA connector. This is rapidly becoming the configuration the 'PROs' use and is a valuable upgrade to your Speed Addict. This assembly will fit the 180-R, 210-R, or 250-R. Please note this is an upgrade. It will not be sold along with the frame as standard. 



  • Accepts straight or right angle SMA! 
  • Accepts the TBS Unify Pro Vtx
  • Accepts the popular Hawkeye Vtx and similar 
  • Made of flexible TPU
  • Vastly improves crash resilience for the frame and antenna 
  • Adds a net of only 3 grams to your build
  • Works with 250-R 'straight' antenna mount (pictured)
  • Works with 180-R and 210-R 'angled' antenna mount



1 x TPU Bulkhead in Black
2 x M3 Blue Nylock Nuts 
2 x M3 x 25mm Socket Head Screws (Stainless Steel) 
4 x Aluminum Spacers (to be pressed into the Bulkhead)



Press the included spacers into the bores of the bulkhead (2 per bore). Remove the two aluminum 5mm long spacers from your existing RC antenna mount. Install the assembly per the attached pictures. Removal of the spacers from your RC antenna mount allows the TPU parts to compress some so the screw threads can run through the nuts. Torque the assembly just enough so the screws run through the nylon ring on the nut. Use loctite on the screws! Please note that for the 250-R you will need to use 30mm long screws if you want to use the arm braces. Those screws can be purchased here.

Once the entire assembly is together the last (and most important) step is to use a single small zip tie to strap the RC antenna mount and bulkhead together. Without the zip tie in place the antenna can flex too much during crashes. Make sure this zip tie is nice and tight. Below are some pictures of what the assembly looks like with the zip tie in place.