GoPro SESSION Camera Mount (Stigg 195)


This mount is designed for the GoPro SESSION to fit our Stigg 195. This is an engineering marvel. It is made of an amazing material called TPU. This stuff is durable but at the same time flexible. During a crash this allows the mount to flex and give instead of cracking or breaking like typical ABS plastic will. In addition it has the added benefit of vibration dampening properties to provide butter smooth HD camera footage. This mount orients your camera at 45 degrees. The Stigg requires more angle on your HD camera due to an extreme inclination the craft tends to sit during flight. 


What is included:

1 X TPU camera mount 3D printed (Black)

Installation Procedure:

You will find two black nylon 45mm long hex standoffs in your Stigg 195 kit. These are to be pressed into the two holes in the bottom of the mount. Notice the holes match the HEX profile of the standoff. When pressing in the standoffs orient them so the 'flats' on the hole match the 'flats' on the standoff! Press them in with the HD camera removed from the mount. It will take a decent amount of force to press the standoffs in. This is by design. The tight fit ensures the mount doesn't shift during a crash and stays centered on the frame. In order to press the standoffs in it helps to position the mount against something hard like a kitchen countertop then use your body weight to press the mount down against the countertop. This will force the standoff into the hole. Once you have both standoffs in, perform a fit-up on the craft. Verify the mount is centered. Some adjustment of standoff location may be required to center the mount on the craft. 

To install the Session camera into the mount simply press it in from the side until it is completely seated, and centered. The camera is a tight fit into the mount. This is by design. The only thing holding the camera into the mount is the compression of the TPU against the camera. The fit is tight enough so the camera will not come out during crashes but you will still be able to remove it from the mount. It may help to apply some heat the mount with the heat gun prior to pressing the camera in. To press the camera in/out of the mount work it in/out by alternating pressure with your fingers at the top and bottom corners of the camera housing. Go back and forth --- top, bottom, top, bottom, etc. Go slow and be patient. 

WARNING: When pressing your Session camera into and out of this mount make sure to press with your fingers at the top and bottom CORNERS of the camera. DO NOT press in the center of the camera. The Gopro Session is made of soft aluminum. If you press the camera near the center of its housing you run the risk of denting it.