Gopro Session Universal Mount (35 degrees)

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The Catalyst Machineworks Gopro Session Universal Mount is designed to fit a wide range of FPV racing craft. Not only will it fit our Speed Addict SuperLight, but you can strap this puppy down to other manufacturer frames as well. Made of flexible and durable TPU this mount will handle crashes like a champ and keep your expensive camera safe and sound. The mount is held down by two zip ties. This 'zip tie' method works surprisingly well and is very crash resilient. There are three mounting locations, front, middle, and rear. Reference the dimensional information below to determine if this mount will fit your FPV racer. 


  • Fits a wide range of FPV racing frames
  • Made of flexible and durable TPU
  • Straps down quick and easy using zip ties
  • 35 degree camera tilt 
  • 3 locations for strapping the mount down
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove
  • Allows for access to all camera buttons

Mounting Dimensions (mm)