Rebel 2205-2650kv FPV Racing Motor

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We have been testing these motors on our frames for a couple months and are absolutely stunned by the performance and quality. These set a new bar in the FPV racing and freestyle industry. We have run these motors HARD on our 6s Stigg setups and they don't even flinch. Where other motors would melt down these come down after extended 6s high speed passes warn to the touch! Did we mention Mattystuntz flies these? 

From Rebel: 

(Pro Spec) Rebel 2206 2600kv Motor 

Made for top speed and aggressive acrobatics and those that can control its power. Do you love hang time? Then this is your motor. Made to handle higher voltages on aggressive 5 inch propellers. We suggest a 1500-1800mAh battery for aggressive 5inch prop combinations. Rebel motors raises the bar for the expected performance of a race quad. Want all those other motors on your bench to feel inadequate? Buy Rebel. This motor has been redesigned from the ground up with the racer and FPV pilot in mind. Rebel wanted to provide a motor that had been thoughtfully designed to be impact resistant, relaible, and easy to swap on the field. All while having the very best face melting power to get the race won and the job done. Its a motor for record setting break neck speeds that will leave you constantly checking your shorts. 

Rebel motors, brought to you by a brand now known for its top of the line quality and performance. Manufactured from the ground up to give you the speed and power without sacrificing efficiency or durability. If all this sounds like your bag of chips, then Race with Rebel Reliability. 



- NMB Japenese Bearings
- High Temp Copper Winding
- 100% T7 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
- High Quality Ulta High Temp Magnets 



Weight: 29 grams
Voltage: 3s - 6s
Bolt Pattern: 16mm / 19mm
Screw Mount Size: M3