Speed Addict SuperLight (RTF)

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 SuperLight RTF/BNF User Manual 




Are you looking for the best ready to fly FPV racing system on the market at a price you can afford? You found it. The Speed Addict SuperLight was forged out of beautiful carbon fiber and aluminum by the FPV gods and then transported to this planet for the soul purpose of beating the crap out of everyone else on the race track. On the day of it's arrival on earth all the Gram Chasers and Weight Nazi's gathered around to behold it's greatness. Weight matters in FPV racing. Less weight translates into better performance and less inertia to damage parts during crashes. With an 'all up weight' (W/O lipo) of only 310 grams this beast is a featherweight compared to other RTF systems.

The SuperLight is an XL frame. Meaning it is a stretched 'X' frame. The left / right side props have been pulled in towards craft centerline as close as possible, while the front / back props have been stretched away from each other. This is a wonderful geometric scenario for racing applications. The extended length allows for more stable and controllable pitch, which translates into more control of speed and altitude. The tightly packed frame width translates into lightning fast roll maneuvers. When you combine this positioning of the motors and the SUPER LOW frame mass its a recipe for world domination. 

This machine is perfect for a professional FPV pilot looking to put down the fastest ever MultiGP UTT time or the new guy just getting into FPV racing who has no idea what in the world a "MultiGP UTT time" is. Catalyst Machineworks is known for producing some of the best racers on the planet offering unmatched quality, performance, and customer service. Join the Catalyst family. You will not be disappointed. 



  • All up weight W/O Lipo 310 grams
  • Tough as nails
  • Perfect for beginner and PRO pilots
  • 2 versions available (RTF and BNF) 
  • 200mm XL frame geometry 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Removable arm braces included in the kit
  • Knurled red anodized standoffs 
  • Red anodized 7075 aluminum fasteners
  • Innovative Vtx / FPV antenna mount made of flexible TPU
  • Flexible TPU FPV camera body for crash resilience 
  • HD camera mounts available
  • ESC covers prevent prop strikes and ESC damage
  • Catalyst Machineworks unmatched quality materials 
  • Catalyst Machineworks unmatched quality fasteners
  • Catalyst Machineworks unmatched performance 
  • Catalyst Machineworks unmatched customer support



  • 310 grams (all up weight - no lipo)
  • Frame material: Twill Weave 3K Gloss CF
  • Bottom plate thickness: 4mm
  • Top plate thickness: 1.5mm 
  • Frame Type: XL
  • Frame Size: 200mm
  • Max camera angle: 70 degrees
  • Lipos supported: 3s or 4s (1000mah to 1550mah)
  • Lipo mounting position: Bottom (or top mount W/O HD camera)
  • Emax 2205-2600kv motors
  • 5" DAL 5045 2 blade 'unbreakable' props
  • DYS XS20AMP ESC's (running BL Heli_S)
  • Mantis F3 flight controller (running betaflight 3.0)
  • High amp power distribution board (4s capable)
  • Hawkeye 200mW Raceband FPV video transmitter
  • 600TVL CMOS 2.8mm FPV camera (w/custom TPU Body)
  • 5.8GHZ FPV antenna pair
  • Turnigy TGY-I6s radio with touch screen! (RTF Option)
  • Turnigy mini receiver, running SBUS (RTF Option)
  • FrSky XSR mini receiver, running SBUS (BNF Option)


RTF Option Explained: 

The ready to fly option includes a Turnigy TGY-I6s radio. The craft has a Turnigy mini receiver installed and pre-bound to the radio. All software is 100% setup for you in both the radio and the craft. There is literally no setup required. You simply install your favorite lipo and go fly! We do recommend using a 4s lipo as this is what we 'tune' the system to. You will get the most performance using a 4s lipo. The RTF includeds the following: 

1 X Speed Addict SuperLight craft -100% setup (RTF)

1 X Turnigy TGY-I6s radio -100% setup (RTF)

3 X DAL 5045 5" prop sets (4 per set)

2 X 5.8 Ghz FPV antenna 


BNF Option Explained: 

The bind and fly option does not include a radio. Its designed to work with the Taranis X9D. Only the Taranis X9D will work with this system. The craft has a FrSky XSR mini receiver installed. You will first need to setup the radio and then bind the radio to the receiver. This is very easy using our step by step instructions located in the user manual. After the radio is bound, simply install your favorite lipo and go fly! We do recommend using a 4s lipo as this is what we "tune" the system to. You will get the most performance using a 4s lipo. The RTF included the following: 

1 X Speed Addict SuperLight craft - (BNF)

3 X DAL 5045 5" prop sets (4 per set)

2 X 5.8 Ghz FPV antenna 




What is required to fly?: 

Lithium battery 3s or 4s (1000mah to 1550mah)


What is required to fly FPV?: 

Lithium battery 3s or 4s (1000mah to 1550mah)

FPV Goggles (5.8 Ghz Required)