ToughCam FPV Camera (600 TVL)

$ 26.00 USD

Does your racing frame place the FPV camera sitting out in front of the craft without much protection?! Worry no more with the Catalyst Machineworks ToughCam. This is the most crash resilient FPV camera on the market today. The camera body is made of durable and flexible TPU material which will flex during a crash instead of breaking. The lense is completely protected inside the camera body. The exterior dimensions and frame mounting of the Toughcam mimics exactly the popular HS1177 camera and Runcam Swift. It will fit into any existing frame designed for the HS1177 or Runcam Swift. Mounting of the camera is solid and confident by way of threaded brass M3 and M2 inserts. The camera quality itself is top notch with 600 TVL resolution and fast light transition (exposure adjustment). 

Not sold yet? We are so confident in the crash toughness of our camera it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against crashes. If you break your camera due to a crash we will replace it free of charge. 



  • Most crash resilient FPV camera on the market
  • Good quality picture 
  • Fast light transition (exposure adjustment) 
  • Less weight than an HS1177 or Runcam Swift
  • Fits any frame designed for the HS1177 or Runcam Swift
  • Solid mounting with metal M3/M2 inserts
  • Lifetime warranty against crash damage


  • 600TVL
  • Resolution: 1280 x 960
  • Illumination: 0.5LUX
  • Format: NTSC
  • Power supply range: 3.3-5V 100mA (5V MAX!)
  • Image sensor: 1/4" CMOS image sensor
  • 1.8mm lens (equates to a 2.4mm lens on 1/3" sensor camera) 
  • FOV: 140 degree 
  • Weigh: 10 grams 
  • Color: Black
  • Camera Body Material: TPU


Example DVR Footage: Please note our team pilot had a portion of his frame sitting in front of the camera in this video. The ToughCam lens is completely unobstructed by design.