Upgraded HS1177 Camera Side Plate Set

$ 8.00 USD

This upgraded part is designed for the Speed Addict 180-R, 210-R, or 250-R. These modified FPV camera side plates make possible the use of wider 2.5mm or 2.1mm lenses without the frame uprights getting in view of the camera. This is made possible by moving the camera location forward and up compared to where it exists using the stock plates which come in the kit. In addition, these new plates allow for up to 60 degrees camera tilt



  • Allows for wider angle FPV camera lenses (2.5mm and 2.1mm) without frame view obstruction 
  • Increases max FPV camera angle from 45 to 60 degrees
  • Made of high quality 1.5mm thick twill weave 3K carbon fiber 
  • Fits the HS1177 FPV Camera (see Runcam Swift Variant here
  • Fits only the 180-R, 210-R, or 250-R

What is included?

2 x Upgraded FPV Camera Side Plate


Notice: With this new FPV camera configuration it is suggested to use atleast 30 degree tilt to orient the camera lense in a protected location between FPV camera cage frame standoffs. It is possible if using a HD camera mount and a super wide 2.1mm lense to see the very tops of the socket head screws in your goggles. There will be very little of the screw head in view! However, if you want to remedy this change over the front two screws to button head. These have a lower profile screw head...