WASP 12 PRO Brushless Gimbal Motor Cage System (VERSION 2)

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There is a revolution going on right now in camera stabilization systems; brushless gimbal technology is taking over. With the right system, amazing performance and stellar cinematography is possible. Unfortunately, full systems capable of delivering quality footage cost exorbitant amounts of money, but, are they really worth these lofty prices? At Catalyst Machineworks we bring you the best products for your build at a fraction of current market cost. We sell premium parts and assemblies which allow you to build up your own high end camera stabilization rig.

Only after we've thoroughly tested out gear does it leave our factory and head to our customers.  During design and development our engineering team communicates directly with our in house video crew. Each new design is handed to the video crew for testing and revisions, if necessary, are made until we have a final product ready for manufacture. Field testing is performed and feedback is sent directly to our engineers. This trial by fire approach to engineering results in unparalleled quality and performance at a price you can afford. We have the best designs and the best value on the market for your DIY project.

The W.A.S.P. 12 Motor Cage System is the same system we use in our gimbals. It has been through multiple design revisions and years of testing. The centerpiece of this system is an innovative outboard bearing support and super rigid aluminum motor cage design. The purpose is to eliminate flex under load and remove radial runout on the motor’s axis, commonly referred to as “slop”. Machine tolerances used in the mating parts are very tight and the structure itself is very rigid. These machine design characteristics are imperative to produce super smooth video, especially with heavy loads seen using 10-12lb cameras. This motor support system mounts up to 25mm diameter tube and is designed to house larger brushless motors. It accepts a wide variety of motor types and has a max camera carry capacity of 12 LBS. The same motor mount system can be used on Pan, Roll, and Tilt axes by selecting which option fits your needs.


WASP 12 V2 Motor Cage Feature List:

  • New version 2 design
  • Fit, finish, and overall build quality is outstanding
  • Super rigid CNC aluminum cage construction. Aluminum is much more rigid than carbon fiber in torsion and bending experienced by camera gimbals
  • Light weight
  • Unique design giving your rig a PRO look and PRO performance. 
  • Designed to mate quickly and easily to 25mm diameter carbon fiber tube 
  • Innovative external bearing support keeps axis completely slop free
  • Easily install motor of your choice. Designed to fit a variety of large brushless gimbal motors (CAGE IS SOLD WITHOUT MOTOR)
  • Supports "slip-ring" type motors. Center hub has a 20mm through hole which facilitates passing wiring through the interior of the cage to the exterior
  • Different options are available to fit your particular gimbal build configuration  
  • Tapped holes x 3 located on the rear of the motor mount for affixing things, such as a controller board box or battery tray
  • High quality matte black anodized finish
  • All fasteners made of stainless steel for ultimate longevity and corrosion resistance
  • Same cage can be configured to mount to 25mm tube (axis mounting option # 1) or flat plate (axis mounting option # 2)
  • Designed for medium to heavy lift applications


Technical Specifications:

  • Fits the following motors: iPower  GBM8028-90T, iPower GBM8017-120T, T-motor GB85-1, Rctimer GBM8108 (New motors are coming out all the time. Contact us if you want to know if a motor not listed here will fit). CAGE IS SOLD WITHOUT MOTOR. 
  • Motor rear mount hole requirement: 19mm - 43mm hole separation, 3mm screws x 4
  • Motor front mount hole requirement: 25mm hole separation, 3mm screws x 4 (Industry standard)
  • Motor Thickness (Depth) requirement: 26mm minimum to 28mm maximum with included hardware (thinner motors can be used with additional motor mount spacers 
  • Weight of axis mounting option #1 (W/O Motor): 238 Grams (8.40 oz) 
  • Weight of axis mounting option #2  (W/O Motor): 209 Grams (7.37 oz) 
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Anodized CNC Aluminum
  • Weight capacity: 12 LB Max Camera Weight


What did we change with our Version 2 design?

  • Cage now uses a much larger outboard bearing. Bearing outside diameter increased from 26mm to 42mm. 
  • Center hub now includes a 20mm through hole. This allows for "slip-ring" type motors to pass wires through the center of the cage to the outside. 
  • Center hub includes two 6mm slots on either side of the hub. These slots are located past the outboard bearing and front plate. This allows wires to be passed through the center hub, out the slot(s), and then routed down the side of the roll bar. 
  • 25mm tube clamps are longer. This allows more material to be in contact with the tube for greater holding power under load. 
  • Upper tube clamp connection block is wider. This resists torsional forces when flying very heavy cameras. 
  • All fasteners have been changed to metric thread instead of standard. 
  • The new cage design looks cooler!



Note: Catalyst Machineworks reserves the right to change product pricing at any time.