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Stigg 195 FPV Racing Quad (5 inch)

Update 1-14-18: Two of the arms in this assembly are matte finish carbon fiber and the rest of the parts are gloss.  LINK TO HIGH RESOLUTION PICTURES FPV racing craft manufacturers typically advertise their craft as having a certain thrust to weight ratio. The reality is...

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Update 1-14-18: Two of the arms in this assembly are matte finish carbon fiber and the rest of the parts are gloss. 


FPV racing craft manufacturers typically advertise their craft as having a certain thrust to weight ratio. The reality is the actual value they claim isn't accurate. Historically craft power ratings come from peak motor thrust (as tested on a thrust test stand) divided by craft AUW (all up weight). With this method no value for inefficiency has been accounted for! These losses of thrust can actually be quite high and are directly tied to frame geometry. A more accurate way to describe the real world thrust/weight capability of a FPV racer is NET thrust to weight ratio. This is the actual thrust produced by the machine AFTER losses. An analogy to this is automobile horsepower ratings. Auto manufacturers claim a certain horsepower rating, but this rating isn't really accurate. Its not telling the whole story. The horsepower rating auto makers advertise is the power produced at the motor's crankshaft. Referred to as "crank horsepower". After power from the motor is transferred through the drive train and out to the wheels there are a certain percentage of losses that reduce this power number. The true value of power/weight in an automobile can be determined by placing the car on a dynamometer (aka dyno). This will tell you how much power the car is making after losses. So we determine the NET power/weight value using this method. The exact same thing applies to FPV racing quads. As thrust from the propellers moves through the frame there is a certain amount of losses. These inefficiencies of the airflow hitting the various surfaces of the frame result in a reduction of power. Specifically, any flat surface (perpendicular to thrust vector) causes a loss of thrust produced over that area. in other words typical 'flat plate frames' produce little to no thrust in the areas of the frame that sit under the props.  

This is why the Stigg is different! This craft has very low thrust losses due to frame geometry. Meaning more of the overall thrust produced by the motor is retained yielding a high NET thrust/weight ratio. How did we achieve this? Is it magic and sorcery? No, its just simple physics. We made a departure from all the standard 'flat plate frame' designs and rotated the carbon fiber plates that sit directly under the propellers by 90 degrees. This drastically reduces the surface area of material under the props minimizing total system thrust losses. How does the Stigg compare to an equivalent 'flat plate' 200mm quad running 5" props? To give you an idea lets concentrate on one arm. Every frame must have arms that run from the center hub (where the majority of the electronics reside) out to the motors. Standard 'flat plate frames' designed for racing use an arm width of around 20mm x some length. This is 20mm worth of material stopping airflow and cancelling out thrust generated in this area. By comparison, the arms of the Stigg are 2.5mm wide because the arm is sitting perpendicular to thrust. There is a outer brace that runs the perimeter of the craft. These brace parts are 3mm thick. Two braces reside next to each arm. This gives a total cross sectional area under the prop of 2.5mm + 3mm + 3mm = 8.5mm. So the Stigg arm is 8.5mm wide compared to other frames with a 20mm wide arm. That is a huge increase in thrust efficiency! Meaning more net thrust available to propel the Stigg faster than anything else on the track.

The four circles in the first graphic below represent the total thrust area of the Stigg's props. The blue areas are portions of frame geometry that act as obstructions to propeller airflow. The yellow areas are locations where air flow passes through the frame unobstructed. When we set out to design the Stigg our goal was to reduce the blue areas as much as possible, which reduced thrust losses and increased thrust efficiency. The second graphic represents a typical 'flat plate' type X frame with 20mm wide arms. Below are the actual values of 'arm' surface area obstructing airflow in either case. The area occupied by the motor has been removed from both calculations since no thrust is being created here. 

The Stigg 195 arm obstruction surface area (total) = 2,267 mm^2

'Standard frame' arm obstruction surface area (total) = 4,000 mm^2



  • "X" frame configuration
  • Very high net thrust/weight ratio possible
  • Very low frame thrust losses
  • Super compact center hub resulting in great aerodynamic efficiency 
  • ESC's mounted at the center of the craft to maximize mass towards craft center
  • ESC wires run under the arms to keep them outside of airflow path
  • Symmetric weight distribution front-rear and side-side
  • Durable design 
  • Modular design allowing for rapid replacement of frame parts
  • High quality twill weave 3K gloss carbon fiber construction
  • All aircraft grade 7075 blue aluminum fasteners
  • Aluminum motor mounts protect motors 
  • Crash roll bar protects electronics
  • FPV camera is adjustable from 20 to 60+ degrees
  • Anti-vibration flexible TPU HD camera mount orients camera at 45 degrees. (Sold separately)
  • Accepts 'standard sized' FPV racing electronics  
  • 3mm thick perimeter arm braces included in the kit for racing application 
  • 4mm thick perimeter arm braces included in the kit for freestyle and bashing applications
  • Very high tortional rigidity due to vertical arm and center fuselage 'box' geometry 
  • Vertical arms act like a 'fin' through the oncoming air and provide "locked in" flight characteristics


  • Dry frame weight is 120g. 
  • Frame size is 195mm - prop to prop diagonally. 
  • 2.5mm thick arms and center fuselage 'box'
  • 3mm thick exterior arm braces included
  • 4mm thick exterior arm braces included
  • All other plates 1mm thick
  • Supported motors: 2204, 2206, 2208
  • Supported lipo sizes: 1000mah - 1800 mah 
  • Supported lipo voltage: 4s-6s
  • Max prop size: 5"


Stigg 195 Electronics Install Tutorial: (CLICK HERE)

Documents and Downloads: 

Catalyst Team Suggested Spec: (CLICK HERE)
Stigg 195 Suggested Electronics: (CLICK HERE)
Stigg 195 Bill of Material (REV 3): (CLICK HERE) 
Stigg 195 Assembly Manual (REV 3): (CLICK HERE) 

Documents and Downloads (Previous Revisions)

Stigg 195 Bill of Material (REV 2): (CLICK HERE) 
Stigg 195 Assembly Manual (REV 2): (CLICK HERE) 



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