1. Frame price is reduced. 
  2. Overall crash durability has increased. 
  3. Carbon fiber finish changed from gloss to matte.
  4. Carbon fiber durability increased. We are using a superior material (less brittle). 
  5. Fastener color changed from blue to black. 
  6. The lower PDB bay has been removed. 
  7. Overall weight has decreased. The V2 is a 4mm frame that weighs less than the V1 3mm option. 
  8. Max camera angle has been increased to 70 degrees. 
  9. Camera cage uses same cam side plates as the SuperLight frames. This allows either the standard HS1177 or Runcam style cameras to fit in the same mount. 
  10. Mounting slots were added to the base plate inside the camera cage. This means nearly any FPV camera can be used in the 210-R (V2) by using the camera's included mounting hardware. 
  11. The FPV antenna SMA mounting design was updated to drastically increase crash toughness. 
  12. RX antenna mount design was improved. 
  13. Lipo velcro strap slots were removed in favor of a more efficient design. 
  14. Flight controller mounting location was updated to allow for large footprint "All-In-Ones" to be used.