About Us

Catalyst Machineworks is a small family run business operating out of Spring Texas. We started in early 2015 and currently are comprised of only 3 people. The business is owned by two best friends and long time business partners. The third person at Catalyst is the wife of one of the owners. We like to refer to her as 'SuperWoman'. Some of our customers have asked how we accomplish all we do and have created such a thriving business with so few people. The answer is actually complex, but to boil it all down it results from our desire to forge our own destiny. We have the entrepreneurial spirit that creates great things out of nothing. Its a drive that is hard to explain and hard to define exactly where it comes from. As the old saying goes "Do something you love and never work a day in your life". This could not be more true here at Catalyst Machineworks. We may be small, but we offer some of the best FPV racing / freestyle machines in the world combined with customer service that will blow you away. Try our gear and join the Catalyst family! 

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