Hey All ! My name is Andrew "Flysabunch" Mendez and I'm 33 years old. I first got involved with RC flying around 2012 with CP helicopters, spent a ton of money crashing and learning about flight basics while having fun. Soon after I also spend a bunch of time building and flying RC wooden and foam airplanes, Every one of them started life the same way, slow and safe on 3 or 4S then eventually ended up with a 6S Nanotech shoved in the battery bay. Around that time in 2014 or so i had found miniquads and multirotors and i was consumed. The amount of agility, speed and control that was at my fingertips was intoxicating. First I strictly wanted to focus on freestyle while overlooking racing entirely without ever trying it. Eventually i raced and was in love once again. I loved the competition, the self humbling and most importantly the camaraderie formed between frequent competitors. What I personally love about racing/flying/using miniquads and multirotor products, Is once assembled the content they product is an extension of your creative self. As a frequent producer of content I rely on quality components that take abuse often. Partnering with and having support from a great team like Catalyst Machineworks removes all doubt from my mind and allows me to focus on doing what i do best, Creating quality content on a regular basis using the best components currently available. 

P.S. Being from Texas n'all you should know .. 

    I enjoy short trips to Whataburger
    Long sips of sweat tea 
    Staring at sunsets through an analog feed 
    And breakfast food .. anytime. 

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