The hobby started for me after seeing DRL on ESPN in 2016.  I ordered a full RTF kit from Catalyst Machineworks (Goggles, radio, drone, batteries,….ALL OF IT) in Jan. of 2017.  My interest in racing started in the fall of 2017 and I began to practice getting faster and had a desire to compete at a high level.  Freestyle is cool…but I’m 99.9% racer.  I love the competition and I love to test myself against the best pilots in the world.  While I’m far from being elite…flying against the best racers in the country has helped me tremendously over the last year to improve my racing skills.

In my personal life I’ve been happily married for over 10 years to my one and only Allison.  Our family consists of my wife, myself, and 3 dogs:  Fuzzer, Binky, and Little Bear.  I’m the proud Uncle to 5 nieces and 2 nephews.  Other than FPV racing I enjoy bass fishing, golfing, and believe it or not singing.  In my professional life I’m a Loan Officer for a local bank.  I primarily specialize in residential and commercial mortgage lending and have 15 years experience as a Lender. I’ve made tons of new friends since joining this hobby 2 years ago and I look forward to making a ton more!