The Merica 6 Inch uses identical center frame geometry compared to our Merica 5 Inch. It uses the exact same canopy as the Merica 5 Inch. What differs is the arm and motor fastener design. Since there are so many similarities between the two craft you can use the Merica 5 Inch assembly manual. Just take note of the special provisions below.

Merica 5 Inch Assembly Manual 

Merica 6 Inch Bill of Material

  1. Arm spacers: The arm spacers are 3mm instead of the 4mm included with the Merica 5". This will not affect the build process. The steps are identical. 
  2. Motor / Arm Brace Mounting Screws: The Merica 6 Inch uses 6mm arms compared to the 5mm arms of the Merica 5 inch. Due to the extended arms on this craft we require you install BOTH the included front and rear arm braces. Use the 14mm screws and 8mm screws to install the braces and motors onto the arms. Be cognizant of how much of the screw is extending into the bottom of your motor. Use the M3 aluminum washers as needed to achieve the proper amount of thread engagement into the motor.