For Merica 3" or 4" pilots using the 'EXUAV Fly Tower':

Make sure and use all the o-rings that come in the Fly Tower kit and also 4 of the black spacers that come in your Merica frame kit UNDER the stack. This is required to get the stack up high enough so the USB port clears the top plate on the center section of the craft.

Use some hot glue to secure the u.fl connector in place on the VTX. Don't use too much and make sure the glue gun is HOT. Bend the antenna's cable so it curls down and then up around the underside of the canopy. 

Use some double sided stick tape to mount the micro receiver to the top of the stack. 

This stack used in conjunction with our Freedom 1407 motors will result in a 3" or 4" craft with a VERY LOW weight.