My name is Neill. I am 1/2 owner of Catalyst Machineworks. I am lead engineer and head RC nerd. I am a mystery wrapped up in an enigma that is intertwined inside a contradiction. Enough about me, lets talk about this build...

We tried a number of electronics configurations during our design and testing phase of the Speed Addict FPV racer. But, one that we never got a chance to try is the insane combo. By "insane" I mean a power system that is WAY overpowered. For this setup we chose our 290mm quad config. This can support all the way up to 7" props. This build is underway now and I will continue to add to this build log as things transpire. Once complete we will do some high speed runs and see what type numbers we can produce. Of course everything will be recorded and posted on our Youtube channel. 


Speed Addict 6s Monster Power Build Full spec:
Props: HQ 7" X 4.5
Lipo Power: 6S (60-130C) 1500 mah
Motors: KDE 2050 KV (6s capable)
ESC's: KDE 35 amp with 60 amp burst (6s capable)
Motor Mounts: Catalyst Machineworks 11 degree forward tilt motor pads
PDB: Catalyst Machineworks doubled up (2 stacked on each other) to handle all these delicious AMPs.
BEC: Stepdown going from PDB to OSDoge will allow us to switch from 6s to 4s at any time 
Flight Controller: Naze 32
FPV TX: Immersion RC 600mW
POV Camera: Mobius
FPV Camera: Sony Effio 800 TVL
RC Receiver: Frsky TFR4-B
RC Transmitter: Futaba T8FG Super
Goggles: Fat Shark Dominator



Build log date - April 5, 2015

-PDB boards soldiered together and mounted on frame
-ESC's mounted on arms
-ESC's wires soldiered to PDB




Build log date - April 8, 2015

-Added the KDE 2050 KV 6s capable motors.
-Mounted them up to our Catalyst Machineworks 11 degree forward tilt pads.
-Mounted up FC
-Mounted up OSD

 We will be using the OSDoge and Naze 32. This OSD only works with the Naze as far as I know. For those of you who use the Naze 32 I cannot stress enough how AWESOME the OSDoge is. Its expensive yes, but worth every cent. The OSDoge provides one simple location to plug in your FPV camera, FPV TX, and Naze flight controller. It includes a low pass filter for the power coming in from the PDB. This is very important to reduce interference in the FPV system. The OSD readout is outstanding and very customizable. The OSDoge is designed to be stacked on top of the Naze but for our particular HIGH POWER configuration we didn't have the headroom for this so we opted to remote mount the OSDoge instead and run wiring harnesses from the Naze over to it. We specifically designed in a second set of 30.5mm x 4 mounting holes into the bottom plate of the clean section of our frame for this purpose. Notice our OSDoge is mounted via dedicated nylon standoffs to the frame plate.


We also installed another carbon fiber plate at the very bottom of the fuselage. This plate can be seen in the pics below separated from the main fuselage by 4 aluminum spacers. The lipo we are using is 6s and is very long, around 120mm. We will be mounting the lipo to the bottom of the craft on this new plate. Since the lipo is underslung we extended the landing gear a bit to pick the whole thing up off the ground. We plan to release this CF plate to the market as an optional accessory to allow people to mount ESC's between it and the main fuselage and also provide a way to facilitate underslung battery mounting.