All frames shipping after 10-6-15 will be per our updated and improved design. Any customers who purchased a frame prior to this date can update their assembly to include any of the following improvements. Email us for more info. 


See Oscar Liang's review and detailed explanation of the improvements: HERE


Updates, improvements, and specs:

  1. Blue 7075 aircraft grade aluminum fasteners now STANDARD and come with every frame purchase. 

  2. Adjustable FPV camera cage. Allows for either 20 or 30 degree incline. It is also easier to assemble. 

  3. GoPro/Mobius camera cage now allows for a higher degree of tilt. Previously, the max camera tilt was 20 degrees. Now the maximum tilt is 30 degrees. The frame still comes with a 20 degree mount but we do sell our 30 degree GoPro mount in our accessory page. CLICK HERE. 

  4. Lipo battery can be mounted inside the frame, between the bottom and top fuselage plates. Battery max height requirement is 36.5mm, and max width requirement is 37.5mm. 

  5. GoPro/Mobius camera cage bottom plate has been increased from 1.5mm to 3mm. 

  6. Front stiffener plate (aka "front bulkhead") has a new design which now connects to the front camera cage. 

  7. Frame weight has decreased. See new frame weights here. CLICK HERE