Please be aware your assembly steps may vary depending on the FC and receiver you are using. There is no way for us to account for all the electronics variations out there in FPV land. Use this procedure as a general guide. Adjust as needed for YOUR particular build requirements. 

1) Install the receiver onto the top of the Split boards using double sided stick tape. 

2) The Split mini comes with two boards. You need to separate those boards using the included aluminum spacers we provide in your canopy kit. You will NOT be using the brass threaded spacers Runcam provides. Install the spacers and M2 X 12mm Torx Head Screws as shows. ***Please be aware the pics below show socket head screws but your kit will include self tapping torx head screws. You will need a T6 Torx driver to install the screws***


3) Install the Split camera unit into the canopy and screw it in place using the two forward screw holes. Use the included M2 X 6mm Socket Head Screws / washers for this operation. Next, install the boards into the underside of the canopy as shown using the torx screws. Make sure to route your receiver power/ground/signal wires so they are easy to access later in the build process. Finally, don't forget to install the SD card retention plate or you will be kicking yourself later. 

3) Make the rest of your wiring connections from the split boards and receiver over to the flight controller. These steps will vary depending on component types you choose. You are smart and we are confident you can do this! 

4) Once all wiring connections are complete install the flight controller into the underside of the canopy using the M3 X 8mm Socket Head Screws as shown. Then install the completed canopy onto the bird.