Ryan dove into RC flight in early 2014 with helicopters. Before that he dabbled in other RC vehicles, but never for more than a week or two. Right from the beginning it ignited a passion he had never experienced with a hobby before. That passion was only fueled further when he started FPV racing in early 2015, and discovered a very active community of racers in the Portland, OR area. Ryan became one of the MultiGP chapter organizers for Northwest FPV, which has been a fun hobby within a hobby. If hes not spending his free time out flying, he is in the garage building, on the simulator, or online BSing about all of the above. Feel free to look him up on facebook, or as "Rotorious" on youtube, helifreak, and nwfpv.com. Outside of the hobby he has a great life. Ryan is married to an awesome wife, has two fantastic kids, and works as a mechanical engineer. We are thrilled to have Ryan on the team and he is proving very quickly to be a wealth of information with regard to new product designs. Not to mention he flies like a bat out of hell! And with the unbelievable 3D heli skills Ryan has gained FPV racing and freestyle is right up his alley.


Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/rotorious

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RotoriousRC

To see Ryan's current build specs check out his youtube channel!