The Runcam Split will fit our SuperLight 5" V2. The camera itself will mount to the frame using its included mounting bracket and hardware. The bracket mounts to these slots in the bottom plate: 


The Runcam split has a circuit board with 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting holes you must mount into the electronics stack on your frame. Please be aware you must account for this additional board and leave room for it to fit. The SL5 V2 and SL6 both use 32mm tall standoffs so the top plate to bottom plate distance is 32mm. This is ample room for the additional board. 

Please be aware SL6 frames sold prior to 7-1-17 DO NOT include the camera mounting slots shown in the picture above. For all frames sold prior to this date you will need to find another way to mount the Runcam Split.