The Smooth operator has no traditional assembly manual. We do however have build videos. The first video is a complete build with electronics. The second video shows fastener changes we made. Last but not least Joel LikeCatcher made a detailed step by step build video for our Smooth Operator 6". Since the 6" is so similar to the 5" it can be used for both machines. To watch that video series click THIS LINK. <--------------



NOTICE 10-10-18: 

We have received some reports from customers the 'front camera vertical plates' can be too difficult to install into the 'front brace'. This can happen from time to time as the machine used to cut the carbon cannot always hit exactly where we want. There is always some deviation. Its just the nature of machining. Those two parts are designed to be a snug fit but not too tight. We suggest to take the two parts and test fit them together. It should take a little force to snap them together. If they just won't go take a hobby file and remove some material from the surface detailed below in the pic. Don't remove too much. Just enough the parts snap together nice and snug. YOU MAY NOT HAVE TO PERFORM THIS MOD. So check prior to assembly of your frame.