The SuperLight 6 inch is very similar in the design to the SuperLight 5 inch. It uses the same fuselage design on a different bottom plate. Fasteners and standoff color is different between the two. Also, fastener lengths vary some. Since there are so many similarities between the two frames you can use the existing SuperLight 5 inch manual for your SuperLight 6 inch, with some changes noted below. 

SuperLight 5 inch assembly manual

Fuselage Fasteners: The fuselage is joined together using M3 black socket head screws. Two 8mm long screws join the top plate into the front standoffs, and 10mm long screws for the remaining 6 locations. 

Motor Fasteners: We provide 16 M3 X 8mm black aluminum socket head screws and 16 aluminum washers for joining motors to the arms. The washers are important and provide the correct standoff for the motor screw of 2mm thread engagement into the motor. 

HS1177 Camera Mounting Screws: We provide 4 phillips head screws (#2 size and 3/8" long). Two are used for a standard HS1177 type camera which requires our backplate adapter. The other two are used to set angle on the camera. They run through the slot in the camera cage side plates and into the backplate holes to set angle. If you are using a Rumcam swift please use the fasteners included with the camera. You will not need to use our backplate adapter for a Runcam camera. 

Flight Controller Stack Mounting Screws: We provide 4 M3 X 15mm long phillips head black nylon screws. You may need to cut them down some to fit your particular setup. Don't freak out! Nylon screws are easy to cut.