This is not my first foray into multi-rotors but it is my first racing oriented mini-quad.  I wanted to build it as lean and clean as possible, while still allowing for easy later modification and upgrade.  To that end the majority of the connections are directly soldered using as little wire length as possible.  The only exceptions are the connections between the PDB and FPV equipment and the FC and RX.  I might de-case and de-pin the RX at some point to further simplify the build at a later date.  To finish off the build I installed a WS2812B LED board to the back for visibility and information feedback for fellow pilots.


Speed Addict 210-R Build

 Pilot: Wayne T (Team ECKO) Western Washington
Frame: Speed Addict 210-R 4mm
FC: RMRC Seriously Dodo rev3 running Cleanflight
ESCs: Zeus “LittleBee” 20amp running OneShot
Motors: XNova 2204-2300kv Super Sonic FPV Racing Motors
VTX: Hawkeye 200mw Raceband
RX: Taranis D4R-II w/Telemetry (RSSI and VBAT)

High Resolution Pictures < CLICK HERE