We offer two options for the thickness of the lower main frame plate on your Speed Addict 210-R. 3mm and 4mm. Which do you choose? Which is best for you?

  • 3mm - This thickness is best if you race often. Typically races are held in fields with a few obstacles in your path, such as trees, or gates, or flags, etc. You are generally flying lower to the ground and at high rates of speed. When you crash you usually hit the ground or a gate/flag. Our 3mm thick main frame plate is 20 grams lighter then the 4mm option. Weight is a huge factor in all out racing. Keep your 210-R as light as possible! The 3mm plate is VERY hard to break. Our team pilots have hundreds of cumulative flights on this craft and our field results prove the 3mm thick plate is sufficient for most impacts. 
  • 4mm - This thickness is best if you plan to fly freestyle, proximity flying, or in garages. Good luck breaking this plate. Its damn near indestructible. But, this thicker plates does add 16 grams to the overall frame weight so it is not ideal for all our racing applcations.