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GoPro Hero Mount -Smooth Operator (Gopro 7 / Gopro 6)

PSA 10-8-17:  If you own one of our TPU mounts and plan to stick the new GoPro Hero 7 in it you need to read this. It turns out the GoPro 7 is the same geometry as the GoPro 6 but they are using a...

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PSA 10-8-17: 

If you own one of our TPU mounts and plan to stick the new GoPro Hero 7 in it you need to read this. It turns out the GoPro 7 is the same geometry as the GoPro 6 but they are using a different rubber material on the outside that is VERY "sticky" so it makes it very hard to remove. We did not anticipate this...Here is the fix. Take the mount off the bird and use a heat gun to really heat that mount up. Be careful not to get it too hot, as you don't want to melt the TPU. Once its nice and warm all over put that gopro 7 in there. Let it sit for 10 min or so and completely cool down. Our testing showed this expands the TPU and now the camera will be way easier to get in and out...

WARNING: You need a lens guard with this product. It is SOLD SEPARATE. Please select one HERE!

This mount includes a 30 degree angle bar. Additional options are available HERE. 

This product allows you to mount a full sized GoPro Hero HD camera to the Smooth Operator Frame. Choose from any of the available fabulous colors! Press your camera into this mount and then fasten it to the frame with the included hardware. 


  • Fits the Merica session canopy, Smooth Operator 5", Smooth Operator 6", and our "Universal" Mount base
  • Made of tough as nails "TPU" 3D printed material
  • Best camera protection of any mount in the FPV industry
  • Two layer impact absorbing walls
  • Huge range of colors available
  • Accepts TPU lens guard with or without ND filter
  • Camera can be installed and removed quickly
  • Fits either the Gopro Hero 5 or 6


  • Weight: 33g
  • Color Options: Black, Red, Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Clear, Pink, Purple, Orange
  • Material: 3D printed TPU
  • To fit the Merica session canopy you will need to install a 5mm wide spacer between the top mounting posts. Due to the size of the camera we cannot be held liable for damage to the canopy due to crashes. 


1 x TPU Camera Mount (Lens guard sold separate)

2 x Brass M3 threaded Inserts


This mount is designed to be used in conjunction with a lens guard. The lens guard is NOT INCLUDED. SOLD SEPARATE. Buy one HERE

As of 11-15-18 the frame now includes a 30 degree bar. This mount does not. Additional options are available HERE. 




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