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    The SuperLight Norris Edition is the only racing quad that can kick you in the back of the face. The SuperLight Norris Edition's blood type is AK47. When the zombie apocalypse starts the SuperLight Norris Edition won't try to survive, the zombies will.  The...

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The SuperLight Norris Edition is the only racing quad that can kick you in the back of the face. The SuperLight Norris Edition's blood type is AK47. When the zombie apocalypse starts the SuperLight Norris Edition won't try to survive, the zombies will. 

The SuperLight Norris Edition is an altered version of our SL5 V2. This heaping hunk of quad awesomeness is designed to be a 'feather light' 5 inch racing machine. Much like our 4R frame this 5 inch machine must be built with light weight components to truly unlock it's performance potential. Your all up weight goal should be below 230g (before lipo). If you are good you can get near 200g.  The Norris Edition is designed for light weight motors. Ideally a sub 28g motor is needed. If you run anything at 25g or over we do suggest to install the included arm braces. 

***Please note electronics are not included with this frame. Electronics are sold separately***


  • "Featherlight" frame weight of 48g (W/O VTX or antenna mount)
  • Sub 200 gram AUW (no lipo) possible 
  • Tough as nails
  • 200mm XL frame geometry 
  • Easy to build
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Removable arm braces included in the kit
  • 3mm main frame plate thickness
  • Fits 'standard sized' electronics 
  • Knurled black anodized standoffs 
  • Multiple Vtx / FPV antenna mounting options
  • Innovative Vtx / FPV antenna mount made of flexible TPU. 
  • Catalyst Machineworks unmatched quality materials 
  • Catalyst Machineworks unmatched quality fasteners
  • Catalyst Machineworks unmatched performance 
  • Catalyst Machineworks unmatched customer support


  • 48 grams (no arm braces or 3D parts)
  • Material: Twill Weave 3K Matte CF
  • Bottom plate: 3mm thick
  • Top plate: 1.5mm thick
  • Frame Type: XL
  • Frame Size: 200mm
  • Max camera angle: 75+ degrees
  • Motors supported: 2306, 2206, 2205, 2204, 1806, 1807, 1407, 1507, and similar 
  • Lipos supported: 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s 
  • Lipo mounting position: Bottom 
  • Fits 5" props
  • Fastener Material: Aircraft Grade 7075
  • Fastener Color: Black
  • Standoff Material: 6061
  • Standoff Color: Black
  • Standoff Height: 27mm
  • 3D Printed Part Color: Black
  • Supported FPV Cameras: Runcam Swift Micro, Runcam Owl, or regular sized "HS1177". ***Please note the runcam swift micro mount is sold separately***

Norris Suggest Build Details: 

Warning: This frame is designed to have a final all up weight (no lipo) that is in the range of 200g - 230g. This is not your typical 5 inch racing quad. Do not expect to put large motors and heavy electronics and get the best performance or crash durability out of this machine. You need to build it LIGHT. Less mass means much better performance on the track and exponentially better crash durability. 

  1. Motors need to be 25g or below. 
  2. Motor pad will accept both 2mm and 3mm screws. 3mm bolt circle is 16mm DIA. 2mm bolt circle is 12mm DIA. 
  3. Use an FPV antenna below 6g. 
  4. Use an "all-in-one" FC/PDB, FC/PDB/ESC, or ESC to save weight. 
  5. Use the new Runcam Micro FPV camera to save weight.  
  6. Use the XM plus RC receiver to save weight. 
  7. Use light weight props. 
  8. Use a 1000mah to 1300mah lipo, maximum. 


Bill of Material 

Spare Parts

HD Camera Mounts and Upgrades







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