Cannonball and Tasmanian Suggested Build Spec

Only build with the best components. Here is what we suggest. The Cannonball and Tasmanian have an identical build spec. For specific questions about this spec contact

Frame: Cannonball or Tasmanian 

Props: Use Master Airscrew 13x12x3, Master Airscrew 13x8x3, or HQ 13x12x3 

Motors: RCINPOWER GTS 4715-360KV Motor in Red/Black or Blue/Pink

Electronic Speed Controller: Advanced Power Drives F120 

Power Distribution Board: Advanced Power Drives PDB500 

Flight Controller: Brain FPV Radix 

FPV Camera: These machines accept a full sized camera. You can use a micro with an adapter if so desired. Catalyst Machineworks FPV Cameras

Video Transmitter: There is plenty of space to use any VTX on the market. Catalyst Machineworks FPV video transmitters

FPV Antenna: Use your antenna of choice. Catalyst Machineworks FPV antennas

Receiver: DO NOT USE ANYTHING BUT CROSSFIRE. These machines are too dangerous to lose signal. Catalyst Machineworks crossfire components  

Lipos: You need to run a couple of 6s high MAH lipos (we suggest 3300mah - 4000mah) wired in series for 12s. Use only 60C or higher. If you are running the Cannonball you need to watch THIS VIDEO

Misc. components: 

-AS150 anti-spark connectors

-10g, 12g, and 14g wire 

-4mm bullet connectors between ESC and motor (not required but nice to have)