Only build with the best components. Here is what we suggest. The Cannonball and Tasmanian have an identical build spec. For specific questions about this spec contact

Frame: Cannonball or Tasmanian 

Props: Use Master Airscrew 13x12x3, Master Airscrew 13x8x3, or HQ 13x12x3 

Motors: RCINPOWER GTS 4715-360KV Motor in Red/Black or Blue/Pink

Electronic Speed Controller: Advanced Power Drives F120 

Power Distribution Board: Advanced Power Drives PDB500 

Flight Controller: Brain FPV Radix 

FPV Camera: These machines accept a full sized camera. You can use a micro with an adapter if so desired. Catalyst Machineworks FPV Cameras

Video Transmitter: There is plenty of space to use any VTX on the market. Catalyst Machineworks FPV video transmitters

FPV Antenna: Use your antenna of choice. Catalyst Machineworks FPV antennas

Receiver: DO NOT USE ANYTHING BUT CROSSFIRE. These machines are too dangerous to lose signal. Catalyst Machineworks crossfire components  

Lipos: You need to run a couple of 6s high MAH lipos (we suggest 3300mah - 4000mah) wired in series for 12s. Use only 60C or higher. If you are running the Cannonball you need to watch THIS VIDEO

Misc. components: 

-AS150 anti-spark connectors

-10g, 12g, and 14g wire 

-4mm bullet connectors between ESC and motor (not required but nice to have)