These files remain the intellectual property of Catalyst Machineworks, LLC. These are for personal use only and the sale of any product created from these files is strictly prohibited.


  1. We are only making available 3D prints for our hobby offerings not our professional cinema products.
  2. No, we will not refund you if you recently purchased a 3D part from us.
  3. No, we will not adjust the 3D file or make it more "printable" for you. Its up to you to tinker with your printer to get the part to print to your liking. If you can't seem to get it to work out well sorry, you are SOL.
  4. Some of the older frames we don't actively pursue anymore we are not offering free prints for.
  5. Do us a favor. Please let your friends in the FPV community know we are doing this. We would love everyone to know our hobby frames now come with free STL's!