Update (10-15-15) - We posted up Chris's initial progress a couple weeks again. Now he is done with his build, and here are the final pics! My god. What a beauty. 

Chris has probably the cleanest build we have ever seen. Anywhere. Its stunning. When I saw these pics I felt embarrassed of my own electronics install, and I designed the frame! 


Build Spec:

Speed Addict (Fearless Edition) 265mm Quad 
Catalyst Machineworks Blue Aluminum Fastener Upgrade
SS 2207 2100kv
Zeus ESC (same as FVT Littlebees)
6045 props
1800mah 65c 4S
Naze32 Acro
OSDoge running MWOSD
Brotronics PDB
1.3ghz Vtx (probably a 200mw)
433mhz Openlrsng UHF (brotronics micro Rx full range)