The 18th of June Cooper took first place in a local multigp race out of about 22 pilots using his Speed Addict 210-R and beat out racing friend and competitor, FPVProvo, who took 2nd place. This was his first official race and has only been flying FPV quads for about 4 months!  

From Cooper: 

My name and callsign are Cooper "warmtrooper" Groves. I just turned 21 this June and have lived here in Sandy, Utah my whole life! I've been absolutely obsessed with flight and anything RC since a very young age but due to cheap rc technology being very low quality back then and my parents being unable to afford high priced RC stuff for me, i was unable to really get a good RC aircraft until i finally bought myself an AR 2.0 drone about 3 years ago and i've been addicted to flight and having the best drone or race quad around ever since! After finding out about FPV racing and researching for months i finally decided to take it more seriously and made a special trip to XDC2 in Las Vegas with my girlfriend just to spectate the races. It was glorious and i saw all my FPV role models there that i had been watching videos of for months now and local FPVProvo took 3rd place and walked away with some prize money, i was hooked and wanted to one day be up on that podium just like him! I had no soldering skills so i started with a RTF vortex 250 pro in February and quickly learned to fly Acro mode within a couple of weeks and met some great local flyers who helped me out a ton including FPVProvo. I soon outgrew the vortex pro and was unable to keep up with the others and was interested in a slightly smaller but much more powerful frame and quad. That's when i got your awesome speed addict 210-R and immediately was able to start doing things i never had before while also having amazing durability and being able to trust the frame to stay intact so i could push myself to my limits without worrying about the quads limit. I try to practice almost every day in my backyard on a little course i've set up with pool noodles and try to get out to a bigger field at least once or twice a week for some higher speed and freestyle practice. Between the speed addict and my new tiny whoop there's very rarely a moment where i'm not flying something lately haha!

Build Spec: 

Catalyst speed addict 210-R
Motors: Emax "red bottoms" 2205 2300kv
ESC's: 20amp "littlebee's"
FC: Dodo
PDB: catalyst fpv pdb
Props: 5045 dal v2 tri-blades (blue)
Battery: 4s, 1300-1400 mAh