Meet our newest team pilot! As a pilot he goes by NM Grower, named for his work as a grower of plants when he isn’t flying, but here because when he is racing, he is a "grower" of lap counts. Get it? Neil is an awesome pilot and hell of a guy. He is extremely active in the FPV community and working hard to build this wonderful sport of ours. We are thrilled to have him on the team!


From Neil: 

I took my first FPV flight in April of 2012 and have been way hooked ever since. I love the freeing feeling of flying and how you are in total control of where you want to be in a given environment. I started out as just a slow speed proximity flyer, I loved to pick my way through the tops of trees or thick undergrowth. The challenge of entering a new set of obstacles and having to find my line through it was so exhilarating. In early 2016 I found a group of pilots to race with and it’s like I was totally re-awoken. Previously I had been flying for nearly 4 years completely by myself but with racing I found a community of like minded people all working and competing together with the same goal: get better and go faster! It also introduced me to so many new and exciting products. I am blown away at how far the product lines have come since the inception of FPV flight.

I am a co-founder and chapter organizer for H sQUADron, Houston’s most active MultiGP chapter, and a great group of guys all working together to make each other better pilots. FPV has also upped my vacation photo game, big time! I enjoy traveling often for work and play and never miss an opportunity to take my drones along for the fun! I am very proud to be joining the Catalyst Machineworks Team and look forward to representing them well. I have always felt strongly that sponsored pilots need to be able to fully stand behind their sponsors product and also make sure the gear improves their performance and not in any way hinder it.  I am confident that the products from Catalyst Machineworks will allow me to reach my goals in racing potential and I look forward to meeting all of you on the track!

Neil's Youtube Channel