This is a common question we receive from customers looking to get into a brand new SuperLight 4R. What frame thickness is best? This is actually a complex answer and not exactly black and white. As a general rule of thumb please read below: 

  • 2.5mm Option - This is the lightest option for the 4R. If you want the very best performance and don't intend to be smashing into any brick walls or concrete pillars anytime soon this is your best bet. This thickness is best for "typical" outdoor MultiGP style tracks with gates, flags, grass, and a few trees, etc. We suggest to use the included arm braces with this configuration for the best blend of performance and crash durability. The 2.5mm frame weighs 10g less than the 3.5mm. 
  • 3.5mm Option - This is the strongest option for the 4R. If you expect to be flying indoors, in a garage, or around a bunch of trees, etc we suggest to use the 3.5mm bottom plate. Typically you won't need to use the arm braces with this configuration. The 3.5mm frame weighs 10g more than the 2.5mm. However, the 3.5mm frame weighs only 4 grams more than the 2.5mm frame WITH braces.